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Instagram for Beginners - Secret to Becoming Instagram Celebity

Instagram is currently the most popular photo-sharing social network app for mobile devices, and the persons who never heard about it before are certainly a rare thing. However, so many people still don't have an account or don't understand the basics of this app. Luckily, we are here to help you all get started and learn everything there is about Instagram, maybe just you will be the next Instagram celebrity.

What is Instagram really?

Instagram is free photo & video sharing website which allows posting pictures and videos to the various social networks such as Facebook or Tumblr, including their own Instagram network. You can choose to post pictures or videos either privately or publicly. If you choose the private account option, people can view your posts only if you allow it, only the people on your follow list will have access to your photos, videos, Instagram stories and Instagram Live stories. If you set up your account to be public, everyone could look at your profile and posts. There is also a third option when it comes to the accounts - Business accounts. You can quickly switch from your regular account to business one, and all you will need is a Facebook page for your company, business or entrepreneurship and a contact information intended for your future clients and customers. This way, you can use a social network account for expanding your business and targeting the right audience for your products and services. Now, when it comes to posting, you probably already know there is nothing special about uploading pictures and videos, almost every social network has this possibility. However, Instagram offers a few upgraded features that you will hardly find on some other network except for Snapchat for example. You can edit your pictures before uploading them, add effects and filters according to your preferences and there is also an option to save photos after uploading them or share them further to other connected accounts on different social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Aside from this, two of the latest upgrades are concerning Instagram stories. You can now inform your followers and friends of your activities in the last 24 hours by posting pictures or videos that will disappear after 24 hours or by shooting a live video for your friends to watch in real-time.


Now, when we explained how it all works, and everything that you can do with the Instagram account, it is time for us to explain the Instagram interaction methods to you. There are four primary methods of communication on this social network, and those are: sending messages to Direct Messages (a mailbox of this application), commenting on posts, liking posts and following other people.

1. Direct Messages

Sending messages to DM is mostly reserved for the people you know personally or clients and customers if you opt for the business profile, of course, there are always fans and stalkers that will constantly send you messages, but if you don't follow them, you can choose not to allow the interaction in question.


Liking posts, pictures, or videos is by far the most common method of communication on this social network. People use it the most because it is simple, easy and quick. All you have to do is double click on the picture or video you like and give an Instagram heart to the people you follow or don't follow depending on the type of their account. There is one unwritten rule concerning likes on the Instagram, and it goes like this, people will often return you likes if they don't have thousands of followers if they do not hope for it. Therefore, if someone likes your pictures, the best thing you can do is visit their profile, and like their photos, this will certainly keep their likes coming in the future.


Comments aren't so frequent as the likes, but still aren't as rare as the follows, so their place is somewhere in between. If someone comments your picture, it would be sweet of you to reply, whether to thank for the comment or answer a question. You can do this by clicking on the reply, or use @ sign in front of their name, so they get a notification. If you don't want to answer, you can also 'heart' their comment. Comments should also be returned as the likes, if you want to add more followers and more likes to your profile.

4. Follows

Following is rare only because people want their ratio to be perfect. The ratio in question is the difference between the number of followers and number of people you follow. However, you should always follow the people you personally know and like, but when it comes to other users only if you like their posts.

Instagram Style

Instagram users developed a trend to make their profiles perfect. This trend concerns the style and the type of your pictures. The things you capture, how you capture them, which filters you use. Everything combined gives your profile a unique and attractive, luxurious look. Two tips will grant you the success in your effort of becoming Instagram Celebrity.


You should choose your theme according to your opportunities and abilities to take pictures. This means that, for example, if you live on the beach or somewhere near, or you travel on a regular basis, you can choose your theme to be 'BEACH' or 'TRAVEL.' Of course, you can always add a few pictures of yourself or something else you like. Make sure you choose the theme your pictures can follow, capture the sea, the beach, the sand, the beach equipment, waves and you will be good to go.


Instagram Filters have everything to do with style, you should choose only the effects that compliment the individual picture, and in the vastness of Instagram filters, you can surely find the one that suits it. Don't use too many different effects and don't use filters that give your pictures blatant appearance.